Discount Card Program for all art-in-guelph member artists

A new program is being launched. Now available is an membership card.
It entitles member aritsts to receive discounts at a number of Guelph
businesses; printer, cafe, restaurant, groceries, art copying, etc.

All current art-in-guelph members and new
members will be issued a discount card.


Studio 404 Photography
404 York Road,
20% off all
Photographic Copy Work,
Colour Slides or Prints

Capistrano Cafe Bar
St Georges Square,
15% off all
Sandwiches, pizza and wraps

The Printery
46 Cork Street, E.
10% off all
Cash Purchases

Flour Barrel

115 Wyndham Street N.
10% off all
regular priced items

room twenty-three framing
Ryan Price & Nadine Burns
23 Wyndham Street N.
10% off
Custom Framing


Park Mall Convenience
2 Quebec St (Park Mall)
Save your receipts. For
every $20 spent, receive
$1.00 off next purchase.
Cigarettes included
(No Stamps, Lotto Tickets)

Expire July 31, 2001

NOTE: the Discount card can only be obtained from Art-in-Guelph upon becoming a member.
Do not contact the participating businesses for a discount card.