All of my work is thrown utilizing the potter's wheel. The rhythm of
throwing on the wheel induces a meditative state in which my full
concentration is focused on the forms that I see in my mind's eye.

I draw inspiration from my travel experiences. The architecture of
mud structures in Mali has held my attention since my visit in 2001.
I am currently working on an experimental series of lidded jars
inspired by the Dogon people's mud buildings and the various mud
mosques of Mali. Wherever I have travelled, I try to incorporate some
of my experiences as part of my creative process. Visits to museums
and galleries are so inspirational to the visual artist, not too
mention good for the soul!

I have taken my skills to a higher level by attending the School of
Art and Design in Sheridan College in the Ceramics program. Under the
guidance of Canada's best instructors I have seen my work continue to
flourish and expand into a successful exploration of form and
function. The pieces I create are carefully designed for everyday
functionality in the modern kitchen. It is my belief that people can
use my pots everyday and enjoy an interesting colour palette. Cobalt
blues inspired from Persia, earth browns from Mali, vivid colorings
reminiscent of Maui, and greens evoked from the Scottish Highlands.
People who collect my pottery travel with me in my four distinct

Bunny Safari


I can be found at the Guelph Farmer's Market
every Saturday morning year round.

Telephone: 519-766-6068.


All artwork copyright © by the Artist