Carolyn's playful and colourful mosaic designs adorn a wide variety of surfaces. From the front of a building to patio stones, all her pieces are wintersafe. She uses stained glass as her pallette rather that the traditional tiles. The brightly coloured glass has a glowing, ethereal quality that adds to the charm of these unique mosaics. Much of her work has a smooth flow of movement. Turtles, swimming through tropical waters, dancers in mid flight, all captured in a frozen moment in time.

Mirrors, tables, candleholders, house numbers, frames, benches, backsplashes, pots, and patio stones are just a few of her most popular items. Her work can be seen at Art Etc., 141 Woolwich street in downtown Guelph, or by appointment in her studio, Art Apart on Grange Street.


Blue Indigo Bird Mirror


Birdbath and Bench


170 sq ft Building Front


Studio One, 57 Grange St, Guelph, Ontario N1E 2V1


All artwork copyright © by the Artist