Your Dream Portrait can be used for - a conversation piece in your office or home,
CD cover, book cover or something you keep hidden in a secret hiding place.

A Short- Art Biography, can be found under

681- My dream is that I'm floating in the ocean at night. There's a net around me. I'm being pulled along with other sea creatures. The water feels warm and I don't feel threatened. It's an enjoyable experience.

682- I dreamt that I was painting a large abstract when memories of my younger self emerged.

683- In my dream I'm seated on a very comfortable couch looking out a large picture window at a beautiful view of Lake Superior. The clouds are gorgeous whirling around forming patterns. One of the patterns has formed into a female muse that I find hard to forget.

684- I'm dreaming that I'm walking through back streets and all the people I
encounter are running away from me. I'm trying to talk to them and they're still
running away. One man runs and disappears through a brick wall

685- My dream takes place on my wedding day. The church has changed into something else and in the middle of this space is a pregnant woman standing on a pedestal. It's then that I realize- the church has changed into a giant womb

Send 4 to 6 good clear photos of yourself to be incorporated into an existing scene
or image on Robert's web page and he will incorporate you into an
8" x 10" Sepia print $300.00
Pick from Robert's web page

Send Robert an email of your dream, daydream or fantasy plus 4 to 6 clear photos of
yourself and he will incorporate them into a unique composition in an
8" x 10" Sepia print. $500.00

....I'm looking for bizarre dreams, day dreams or fantasies. Something
that I find intriguing, unbelievable. If I like what I read I will turn your dream
into a photomontage sepia print. The interpretation of your dream will be done from
my point of view. In other words I'm not reproducing your dream, I'm doing an
improvisation on your dream that is my own creation....
8" x 10" Sepia print. $500.00

How is this accomplished....
(1) Email me your dream.
(2) I'll contact you if I can work with your dream or not.
(3) You send me a self addressed envelope with 4 to 6 good clear photos of your face.
(4) I get to work on the photomontage.
(5) I send you a small photo over the
internet. If you like what you see I mail you the photomontage sepia print.

With both OPTION #1 and #2 I expect 1/2 down before I start working with no
refund. The print is on archival paper 9 1/2" x 13" outside dimensions. The print
size is approximately 8"x10". I sign them on the back. I'll send you framing
instructions if you need it.

All prices include taxes and shipping

EMAIL: atmospheres@sympatico.ca

All artwork copyright © by the Artist