I was born in Victoria, B.C., moved to Guelph when I was 11, where I studied
art throughout high school. I moved to Toronto to study interior design.
I just recently returned to Guelph with my husband.

I have always enjoyed painting but up until now, never really took it seriously.
I have started my collection with paintings from stills from the LOTR Trilogy.
I have done 6 paintings in 6 months.

It has been a satisfying 6 months and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of
these characters and look forward to my next focus. 

Gandalf's first appearance in the Fellowship
20" x 15"
Oil on Illustration Board

Frodo confused and scared
20" x 15"
Oil on Illustration Board

Gollum on the mountain
20" x 15"
Oil on Illustration Board




All artwork copyright © by the Artist