A lifelong resident of Waterloo Region, I was originally trained as a graphic artist but found that my greatest
interest lay in portraiture, and especially in portraits that are tributes to all that we cherish the most – our
family and friends, both those that are still with us and loved ones who have passed on but live in our
hearts. Memory Portrait Tributes are my specialty and the aspect of my work that I enjoy the most. I also
enjoy creating portraits from heritage photographs, beloved pets and their masters and children. I
occasionally display my work at the Kitchener Farmer’s Market when time permits.
Commissioned pieces are rendered from photographs and all are customized as desired.
These tributes make fabulousgifts for weddings, retirements, anniversaries, birthdays,
milestones and Christmas for the person whohas everything!


Signature Piece

Portrait I

Portrait II


233 Oprington Place
Kitchener, ON


All artwork copyright © by the Artist