Using a range of archetypal colours, the compositions are pulled together resisting
literal forms and references. The shapes hint at the known and mimic the intimate.
Interest and tension are created using a narrative of colour juxtapositions and a variation in
mark making. The details are compelling. Rendered in oils, his compositions are on canvas
and hard board.

Doug has had a studio in Guelph for 27 years. He is a graduate of the University of Guelph
with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and has shown extensively in solo and group shows
as well as juried and charity exhibitions.

Untitled #1
60cm x 90cm
Oil on Canvas

Untitled #2
50cm x 70cm
Oil on Canvas

Celebration 3
100cm x 120cm
Oil on Canvas

Doug Haines - Painter
15 Prospect Avenue, Guelph, Ontario N1E 4W7


All artwork copyright © by the Artist