My art is a reflection of the world as I see it. The experiences of my journey are expressed through that which move me to flow in unison with all that is. I love the pigments of colours and the flow of the ones of all I see as I move through each day...the land, the sky, the ocean...everything. I cannnot help but allow the energetic flow to me to be recreated upon the canvas in the way it is most suited to be... Mine is hot to determine my growth as an artist by my own criteria, that is the viewer's place... as a an artist, I create that which needs to be created by me in order for it to exist... That is where the journey for my renderings begin...I believe art has its own journy and oce it is on canvas it shall go where it needs to be... That is why art speaks to you... it's with this detached feeling that I can fully release my work with such ease... it needs to be shared and that is why I paint...and to me that is what makes me so passionate about my work... it's simple the release of all I am to all that is.

Elle How

Aurora Borealis

Blazing Sky Over Binbrook

Crow Foot

Free Flow

The Gift of Life

The Heart Inside


Rise and Fold

Solar flames

Tiffany After the Rain



All artwork copyright © by the Artist