These are examples of my work with pixels. 
These images were all conceived and executed with a PC. 
I then transferred them to a photographic slide or negative and printed them traditionally. 
For the forthcoming Guelph Arts Festival I'll be working with ink and watercolor on paper.  

1. 'Life' - 1996
7x7in. Adobe Photoshop w/Wacom Tablet
(1in. cibachrome print)

2. 'White Blues' - 1997 10x8in.
Adobe Photoshop w/Wacom Tablet
( B&W print)

3. 'Chromascape' - 1998 10x8in 
Fractal Design Painter w/Wacom Tablet
(cibachrome print)


Name:  Franklin Steven Hamilton
Born: 1965 France
Mother: French
Father: African-American/First Nation
Wife: Greek-Canadian
Married: 1.5 yrs.
Residence: Hillsburgh, Ontario
Last Residence: Dallas, Texas
Mediums: Oil, Ink, Photo, Pixel

Frank Hamilton: (519) 833-9958


All artwork copyright © by the Artist