New Orchestra in Guelph

Exciting news on the Guelph music scene with the recent announcement of the formation of the Guelph Chamber Orchestra!

This new orchestra is comprised of 28 players from Guelph and area, both amateur and professional. While not a full-size symphony orchestra, this group is large enough, with 15 strings plus 12 winds and brass, as well as percussion, to perform a wide range of classical music.

The orchestra’s Artistic Director is Simon Irving who, for the past eight years, has been Music Director at Church of Our Lady. He notes that the player roster is complete, and that recruitment was no problem. “Many musicians I spoke with said that Guilph really needs its own orchestra, and they would be delighted to join. In addition to the dozen professionals, many of the other players´have professional experience playing with other orchestras in Canada and the US. Guelph is brimming with musical talent, and this orchestra will give expression to that talent.”

The Guelph Chamber Orchestra will perform its debut concert on Sunday, March 4, 2001, 3 p.m. at Church of Our Lady. Keen local interest is anticipated in the first performance. “The strong attendance at the K-W Symphony concert series at River Run is a good indicator of public support for quality music in Guelph,” says Irving.

Once again, Guelph is proving that its reputation as “The City of Music” is well deserved.