Born In 1956, in Armenia
1972 pioneered a new painting technique that is imperceptible to the eye.

42'' x 28" inches
oil on paper

33'' x 22'' inches
gouache on paper

42.5'' x 28.5'' inches
oil on paper

This new painting technique, is a replica of technologies, developed by Industrial Revolution. Why Industrial Revolution?
Because the new shapes and surfaces that came out of Industrial Revolution have composed the cultural landscape of 20th century.
The culture of 20th century can leave it’s fingerprints through this painting technique.

Technological transformations at the beginning of 20th century sparked the spirit of ‘‘modernity.’’ While modern painting exploring how to
align itself with the dynamics of the time. The painting process remained technically unexplored throughout the century.

We have to go back 600 years to find the last technical innovation in the history of painting. 600 years ago, at the absence of
camera and electronic communication painting was an advance technique. ‘‘It was the main generator of social symbols’’.
Painting brought the world to people shows how live in it, new values to adopt and ideas to believe.

Today all that successfully achieved by mass media simply because it’s armed with more advance technologies.
Cameras and computers are the main technical tools of mass media. The current power of this tools evolved through
160 years of development. This remarkable development attracted universal efforts and resources, because of their practical
needs and not the artistic ones. And yet parallel to their practical use, cameras and computes created numerous masterpieces of art.

We see that parallel development of economic and aesthetic principles can give us great results. Guided by these same principles
can we reinvent the painting process? If yes, how to use our hands and the same sticky paint to compete with magical technologies
of our time? Let say we succeed, can painting regain its old power by this?

This humble new painting showing us that simple process by hands and the use of same paint is enough to achieve great production
speed, extremely low cost, unlimited size and high quality that cameras and computes have not yet achieved in their ultimate visual images.

Hratch Israelian
(562) 945-4032
8614 Painter Ave.
Whittier, CA 90602


All artwork copyright © by the Artist