Hubert has taught on the elementary, secondary, college and university levels. He has maintained a studio since
1956 and has shown in the local, regional and national categories. Recipient of numerous prizes and awards
and is represented in private and corporate collections. Currently, teaching adult art education, critique work
and jurying.

Travels include continental Europe, Japan and Iceland.
Served with the U.S. Army of Occupation - Germany 1995, 1956.

Past member of:
The Ontario Society of Artists (OSA)
The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA)

16"H x 22.5"V
Collagraph Collage, Printmaking
A common discard item having much plasiticity. The bag is a functional sculptural form. The item has excellent plate building potential.

32H" x 40V"
Oil Collage, Painting
Windows are interesting examples of the breakup of space. They are everchanging due to the effects of light, wind and precipitation.

16H" x 16V"
Relief Print and Collage, Printmaking
Biological themes offer abundant printmaking subject matter. The discovery of shapes, patterns and textiles are unlimited. Nature is creative.

Canadian born Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1933
BSc. Art and Art Education, University of Wiscsonsin, 1959
M.F.A. Painting and Printmaking, Washington State University, 1964


7 Village Crossing West, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4X7
(519) 823-5277


All artwork copyright © by the Artist