Jennifer Osborn is a native of Oakville, Ontario. As an only child, Jennifer spent a great deal of time on her own, and
developed an active imagination in order to entertain herself. Summers spent exploring wild areas of Ontario, and
watching her father work with tools and machinery has made a lasting impression on her. With lack of family
in the country, Jennifer has looked very much to her parents and animal companions for a history and sense of belonging.
The stories of her parents and grandparent's lives had a profound impact on both her work and her life. She is
constantly torn between the beauty of the disappearing natural world and the wonder of her working class heritage.
This dichotomy is an ongoing source of artistic inspiration for Jennifer. Many of her works revolve around her
surroundings and their importance to her personally.

Jennifer now lives in the small rural town of Acton, Ontario with her partner, two cats and a turtle.

Rust Never Sleeps #4
24"h x 18"w
Acrylic on Canvas, 2001

Rust Never Sleeps #5
18"h x 18"w
Acrylic on Canvas, 2001

Splodge - Contemplation
18h" x 24"w
Recycled paper on Canvas

* 2000 Pottery-Oakville Art Society
* 1999 Web Design: Digital Media Studios
* 1998 Desktop Publishing: George Brown College
* 1996-97 Art: Central Technical School
* 1997 Traditional Stone Lithography: Open Studio
* 1997 Sketching and Drawing: Georgina School of Fine Art
* 1994 Art Fundamentals: Sheridan College

* Woolfits International Miniature Art Show, Toronto
* Anastasia Gallery Miniature Art Show, Oakville
* Oakville Art Society Annual Art Show, Oakville

* Central Technical School Annual Art Show, Toronto

* Toronto Dominion Bank Student Art Show, Toronto
* Del Bello Gallery Miniature Art Exhibition, Toronto

Jennifer Osborn:
29 Mill Street West, Acton, Ontario
On-line Portfolio:


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