Zachary Kahn, Age 8
The Apple
Nadine Maher, Age 11
Girl in Profile
Jill Dickieson, Age 10
The Vase
Brett Lane, Age 5
Attack of the Berries and Coconut
Joshua Schwarm, Age 8
Stella Gkovesis, Age 7
Honey!, Honey!!
Tinson Wang, Age 7
Pencil Drawing
Fulan Chui, Age 10
The Summer Tree
Shirley Chen Age 8
The Summer Tree
Kathleen Fung, Age 7
Pencil Drawing
Lisa Wu, Age 11
Colour Work
Jamin Shen, Age 11
Janine Fung, Age 8
Pencil Drawing
Lei Feng, Age11
Alex Liang, Age6