Marilyn Clarke is a contemporary quilt and fibre artist living in Guelph, Ontario. Her work explores the use of both traditional and
improvisational techniques in cutting, appliqué, fabric use and quilting. The use of silk, metallic threads and free motion machine
stitching creates rich textures to enhance her designs. Her fibre bowls are created by molding layered pieces of fabric together with
heavy stitching and applying a design with the bowl. Marilyn is a member of the Royal City Quilter's Guild. Her work can be seen
during the Annual Fall Guelph Studio Tour or by appointment.

36" x 48:
Series of Block Study #1
Silk Background

Floating Blocks
32" x 24"
Series of Block Study #2

Three Panel Garden
9" x 30"
Garden Appliqué on Silk Background

Falling Klimt
Block Study #3
Inspired by Gustav Klimt exhibit - National Gallery of Canada, Summer 2001

Floral Impressions on Canvas
24" x 34"

Floral Impression #3
26" x 30"

Metallic Bowl Series
8" Diameter


Floral Bowl
13" Diameter
Bowl is machine molded and appliquéd, using metallic threads and a variety of fabrics, free motion stitching used to "paint" design.

25"w x 35"h
Silk background, layered with colour wash of spirals. Machine quilted.

Triptych Garden
31"w x 22"h
Machine quilted, hand embellished garden image - colour study in three

123 Yorkshire Street North
Guelph, Ontario N1H 5B5


All artwork copyright © by the Artist