My name is Martin and I was born in Montreal, Quebec.  I now reside in Burlington, Ontario.
     I began studying art at age 10 at L'Academie Des Beaux Arts... I went on to study at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
headed at the time by Arthur Lismer of the Group of Seven.  I then went on to study commercial art. 
Upon graduation I moved to the USA and joined the US Army.
     After my service in the US Army was complete I started a business as a travelling photographer.
     I moved on from the photography business and have since been in the art supply business as a representative. 
I have also been taking workshops with numerous notable artists.
     I paint in watercolour, acrylics and other media.  I enjoy the challenge of doing commission work on request. 
I also enjoy exploring neighbourhoods with my camera.. as the photographs I take often become subjects for my paintings.
     I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings half as much as I enjoy painting them...


Kensington Market in Winter

Wave & Rocks

Birds Eye View of Queen Street



All artwork copyright © by the Artist