The Artist
Born in Papua New Guinea, I now reside in Guelph, Ontario. A graduate of Sheridan College,
I continue to express my creativity through traditional illustration, painting, sculpture and photography.
My work as a graphic and web designer brings a unique perspective on culture and
technology to my creative expressions.

The Work
In these series of paintings and prints, I explore the potential of colour contrasts, forms
and modulations through abstract "pixelated" imagery. Color, structure, and space
combine to create a unique presence of emotion. Inspired by the compositional formats of Rothko
and the techno-pop imagery of the 1980, my work reflects modernist ideals and current sensibilities.

This series, entitled, "8bit" acknowledges a recent past as a critique on the present.
Tempered against modern acceptance of technology my work points to the manner in which
artists evolve to express themselves in new forms of media.

Using print technology and traditional paint mediums each piece is constructed on canvas with
various textural effects. With computer technology I am able to manipulate shapes,
colour and images to form the layout and base of each painting.


325 Pixels
24" x 24"
Print/Acrylic on Canvas
colours and shapes emerge as unknown digital space


524 Pixels
36" x 36"
Print/Acrylic on Canvas
art to me is an antedote of the mind, body and spirit


205 Pixels
24" x 24"
Print/Acrylic on Canvas
Colour, structure and space combines to create a unique presence

Bookshelf E-Bar - July 1st - 31st 2005

110 Woolwich Street, Unit B
Guelph, ON N1H 3N2


All artwork copyright © by the Artist