Barbara Patricia Eaves-Brown, Artist’s Statement

My main concern is process. The act of making art is far more important to me than the finished product.
I usually start a painting with some form of visual reference, an object, place or figure.
However the play of imagination and expression are allowed to take over as I work.
I paint in acrylic on canvas. Colour and surface are also concerns. Scale can range from a
few square inches, like some of the art supplies to huge multiple panel works that
measure in feet, like the landscapes.

Some of my paintings are exuberant and joyful like many of the flowers, but other work can have
sinister overtones. In some of the art supplies paint tubes may come to resemble fallen bodies,
while the art tools begin to look like instruments of torture. Whole, almost narrative,
situations came out of the contemplation of the seashells. Too, the large landscapes are as
much states of mind as scenes, experiences of travels not necessarily recollected in
tranquility. I am interested in the inherent tendency of inanimate things to
take on a life of their own. The uncanny quality of artificial life, on the
boundary between the real and not real, has always attracted me.
This is evident in the doll, dress and puppet paintings.

ART SUPPLIES 2001-2002 acrylic on canvas

Art Brushes One
12" x 24"
Art Supplies One 18" x 14"
Art Brushes Two
12" x 24"
Art Supplies Two 16" x 16"
Art Supplies Five 20" x 16"
Art Tools One 10" x 10"
Art Supplies Three 10" x 14"
Art Supplies Four
20" x 16"
Art Supplies Six 16" x 16"
Art Tools Two 10" x 12"
Art Tools Three 10" x 10"

130 Dublin Street, North, Guelph, Ontario N1H 4N4
(519) 837-3484


All artwork copyright © by the Artist