Patti Collins began her university studies in Fine Art but switched to Psychology and eventually taught and headed the
English department in a local secondary school. She believes all three areas are combined in her‘feel good’
multimedia products: painted gourds, sculptured lamps, wire works, and jewelry . She continues to study art
at the Haliburton School of Art and the Guelph School of Art. Her work has been sold in Ontario stores and galleries
and displayed in local restaurants.


Painted Gourds
have the look and feel of leather with earth colours in rust and oranges and images burned in to the shells.
The sizes vary from 6” - 18”

Sculptured Lamps
vary in size from 18” - 60”. They are made from local twigs - mostly from her own backyard
corkscrew hazel and dogwood plants. Self made, Japanese, and Thai papers with grasses create the unusual
effect and mood lighting with a 40 watt bulb

Functional bead and wire works: three dimensional wire sculptures, book marks, unusual bracelets, gorgeous hair clips,
woven wire earrings, funky eye glass holders, thematic wine glass jewelry, and decorated serving cutlery offer a unique
and delightful display of creativity

Patti Collins
198 Cardigan St.,
Guelph, Ontario N1H 3Z9


All artwork copyright © by the Artist