Paul Szewc of Masterpiece Cabinets, Guelph, Ontario has been working with
wood since the age of 13. He has a degree in Manufacturing Wood Technology
and has been working with wood for over 30 years.

People call him the crazy cabinetmaker. His philosophy is the crazier the
better. Paul has created a series of boxes he calls "wonkies". He likes
building things that are curvy and crooked, the curvier the better. He got
tired of traditional straight lines so he developed his line of wonkies.
His wonkies comes in two sizes life size and mini just under 12' tall.
While the large wonkies are functional and tall enough to use for either
storage or decoration in any room of your home, they also have a fun,
unique look that sets them apart from traditional style. The smaller boxes
serve as jewelery boxes or trinket boxes and come in natural wood, stained
in a multitude of colors or painted by Canadian artists. Paul is creating
a series of 10 styles of mini wonkies over a period of 10 years. So far he
has created four styles. The first one was named Costello, the second
Abbott, the third Windy and the fourth new this year 2008 is Potbelly. He
has plenty of more ideas to explore for the rest of his series.

Mini Wonkies

Sexy guitar sold ash and walnut

Natural Edge Stitched Tables

Paul is also creating a special private collection comprising of 100
Canadian Artists who will be painting on the mini wonkies. "The painters
are taking my canvas and displaying their work". This is a good way to
show people the kind of work Paul does as well as the other 100 artists.
"Artists have to stick together".

Paul has created a line of various cutting boards which he calls 'crazy'
style. He was bored with the common cutting boards so he developed his
style 'crazy' which the lines are curvy. These boards are usually made of
walnut and maple for optimal contrast. He makes everything from cutting
boards - to coasters - to tables and jewelry. His latest item in this
'crazy' style is this bass guitar which I must say is absolutely a piece
of art.

Paul also has created a line of natural edge tables with stitching where
took the standard butterfly key and rounded the edges and invented his own
style of key. This is his trademark in his tables. When you see this
rounded butterfly key you know it is a table which he has created. The
wood for most of his tables he has cut down from his own bush in Guelph.
He likes to take the rotting trees because they are the most defective and
create unique tables. Other people even bring their trees for him to cut
up and make them a table. This is called family wood when you make
something out of a tree on your property and pass it down through

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