Rinat Shalom
Custom Made Jewelry

Rinat Shalom specializes in completely unique, hand-made jewelry. The materials she
uses for her jewelry are part of her private collection that she has gathered from her
travels around the world. Each piece of jewelry expresses a unique encounter with the
people, the colours, and the atmosphere of the exotic places she has been.

“I consider my beads as colors on a palate. I picture the imagined jewelry first in
my mind—its colour scheme, composition and proportions—and then express my
vision with the beads”.

Please contact Rinat if you are interested in viewing her Eclectic Woman collection or
would like more information.


Turquoise pull through the loop:
This necklace uses turquoise from the Bahamas and
wooden beads from India. The inspiration comes growing up on the Red Sea, diving in its beautiful turquoise coloured water. To wear this piece you wrap the necklace around your neck and pull the ends through the wooden circle. The necklace "closes" in the front with loose ends.
Price $35


Chinese Gold Medallion:
Represented in the gold medallion are the twelve houses of the
Chinese zodiac. The red wood beads from India represent the sunset
over the Ganges River. The orange wood beads represent the robes
of the monks. The gold represents the temples and the natural
wood beads represent the Mother Earth.
Price $30


Golden Wrap over:
The center piece of this necklace is made of Citrine and three
strands of gold and assorted beads that I purchased in New York.

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All artwork copyright © by the Artist