Roslyn Ramsay is a Canadian Painter and Portrait Artist; working mainly in
Watercolour, Pastel and Charcoal.

As a landscape artist, her love of nature and people are present in
her work. Her waterlily and water landscapes explore her interest in design and colour
patterns as well as the reflective and transparent movements and depths of water.

Her figurative landscapes often explore the interaction of people and their environment and
her images are designed to challenge the viewer to look beyond.

As a Portrait Artist; she has painted over two hundred commissioned portraits for private
and corporate clients; including Custom Leather Canada Ltd., JS Redpath Mining Ltd.,
and the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission.


Waterlily Enchantment
15 x 17

Waterlily Enchantment sits above the patterns of the lilypads and contrasts with the surrounding surface and depths of water.

Distant Memories
15 x 21

Distant Memories of the atmosphere and early morning mist that envelopes you and the silence that brings a peace.

17 x 24

Escape- the woman looks outward
- she feels the wind- she feels alive.

Presently Exhibiting:
Wyndham Gallery, Cambridge, ON
KOR Gallery, Kitchener, ON

42 Windom Rd., Kitchener, ON


All artwork copyright © by the Artist