Sabrina was born in Toronto, Ontario were she also worked as a Window Display Designer for thirteen years.
During this time she also travelled in Europe,the Middle East and North and South America.
She also studied Photography and Painting at the Ontario College af Art and Design.
Sabrina currently lives in Guelph, Ontario where she is working on her Totem series.
Sabrina is also a photographer who has exhibited her work

18" x 24"
Acrylic and Ink

18" x 24"
Acrylic and Ink

18" x 24"
Acrylic and Ink

18" x 24"
Acrylic and Ink

Artists Statement: Totem series

Some of my earliest inspiration for my recent series of untitled works called Totem came from my
experiences while travelling. While in Mexico I visited the archeological site of Tulum and documented some of the
totem-like stone carvings which later became a strong influence on some of my imagery. Later on I participated in
an archeological excavation in Ashkelon, Israel. During this excavation I uncovered pottery shards containing
a "bird" pattern style of painting. The painting style was an involvement of line and form to create texture and shape
which I later adapted to my ink drawings. While visiting different parts of New Orleans I came across various different ritual objects which provided further motivation for my images.

Influence also came from my studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design. While attending OCAD I came to study
Emily Carr and became particularily interested in her paintings which involved totem imagery.
Her fluid use of line, form and colour was very inspiring.

Originally my totem series started out as a number of 18x24 ink drawings. I later mounted them to some
masonite with an elevation built underneath to give them a more dramatic and sustantial presence. It was then I decided
to layer washes of acrylic paint and medium to brighten, enhance and somewhat encase them as if they were an artifact.
I am still working on more images for my Totem series.


All artwork copyright © by the Artist