Sarah is a Danish-Canadian goldsmith residing in Guelph, Ontario. She graduated from both George Brown College and From NSCAD.

I am a goldsmith because it allows me to create beautiful pieces of art with my hands, which my be worn on the body. The style of my work is influenced by Scandinavian design as well as shapes and textures from nature. My work varies from large items such as hollowware to smaller items such as jewellery incorporating both precious and non-precious materials. My designs are inspired by things around me, past experiences and my ancestry. I like simplicity, curving lines, shapes, and patterns. My recent work has been based on organic shapes, patterns and textures found in nature. So much beauty can be found in nature which I hope to show other people through my work. With each new piece I hope to explore my medium and to continue to push the creativity of my designs.



All artwork copyright © by the Artist