"Sudarshan includes experiences from her past and her travels in the visual
art she creates today. Her works range from the abstract to the
designative, and her inspiration is derived from a wide range of sources,
including internal issues and meditations, technology, and the natural

Sudarshan believes that she can only achieve a genuine understanding of and
respect for the environment by striving to gain a true understanding of
herself. She believes that by knowing and respecting ourselves we will more
readily honor our environment and those we share it with. Thus, instead
of concentrating initially on the outcome of her creative work, Sudarshan
begins by understanding and working with her inner connection to the
materials. The actual process of creating a piece often becomes the
"message" of her work.

She enjoys working with wood, metal, glass and ceramic tiles. She relishes
transforming these seemingly static substances into dynamic works that
resonate with delicacy, softness and pliancy.

In the recent past, Sudarshan was actively involved with the Environmental
Action Network of San Diego, creating full-color designs for message
t-shirts. She currently shows her sculptures, mosaics and paintings in the
Toronto area."

Cement, string (fiber), plywood
34" x 36" x 45"

"Butterfly and Fern"
Stained Glass, plywood
11" x 15"

"Snake in the Glass"
Stained glass, mirrors, ceramic tiles, plywood
10" x 35"

Email: sri_rama@hotmail.com


All artwork copyright © by the Artist