My name is Susan Oliver, they call me Suz. I like to be called that because I feel it speaks of me,
Happy, Fun, Exciting, Caring and full of Life!
I also write poetry and am hoping to get my book published soon.
My life is full. I'm a sister, wife, mommy, nana and most of all a woman. Ready to live
and show the world what I can do and hope they (you) like it!
This has been my dream. I feel that if I have been blessed with so much imagination and
creative energy, I feel that I should use it to the best of my ability.
I'm trying very hard to do that!
Thanks for your time and interest.
Suz Oliver


8" x 10"
I am me! is a watercolor depicting my life, the good and bad times of it and my emergence from the turmoil to a golden path with lavender wealth and peace in my future.

8" x 10"
Color Pencil
Recuperation was drawn while I was in the hospital after total hip replacement surgery. The only work of mine that shows pain. I'm so much better now.

8" x 10"
The picture is very peaceful to me, it flows. I love the colors and the definition in the tail. Fish are a favorite of mine to draw.



All artwork copyright © by the Artist