Every artist who is thinking of, or has applied for an exhibition, has a common bond.
That is, to have their work looked at respectfully and have their goals realized in their artistic

To have your work looked at respectfully by a Gallery takes some planning and thoughtful work. A well designed package is essential in making the first impression. It says “Look closer.”

From the folder which protects your work, to the typed print that explains it, sends instant messages to curators as to how serious you are. As artists, we sometimes are not fully equipped with skills in marketing, writing proposals, or putting into words the expressive qualities of your individual art. So, it is important that you not get frustrated with the mechanics of writing a proper proposal. This extra work will pay off.

A submission should include:

1. A current resumé or curriculum vitae

2. 10 slides (a required number is usually specified) of current work or work intended for
the exhibition. These slides must be labeled clearly with your name, title, number, size and indication of which way is up, along with a corresponding slide sheet containing all information.

3. A statement about your work and an exhibition proposal with a possible time frame
if required. This statement should represent your art and ideas. Be clear on your intent.

4. A physical description of the proposal: the number of pieces to complete the exhibition.

5. Enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage if you wish to have your
submission to be returned.

Susan Lapp, Curator