Guelph Arts Council Hooked Up!

Guelph Arts Council Hooked up!

At last... Guelph Arts Council has been able to upgrade its technology in order to gain access to the internet. That means we will now be able easily and quickly to access resource and other information directly from the world wide web, and to communicate via email with all its attendant advantages. Our email address is

This technology upgrade project has been a long time in the planning stages, and has been made possible only through the generous assistance of the Cultural Strategic Development Fund of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation; the Advance Funding Program of the Ontario Lottery Corporation; and The Co-operators.

Guelph Arts Council is also indebted to new Board member Ernie Kalwa, who volunteered several hours of his time to help assess the Council’s needs, and to get the new systems up and running.

Please note that, thanks to Doug Frank of Asterisk Communications, we will continue to maintain our news web site at Please visit us there.