Guelph Arts Council's Master Calendar

What is GAC’s Master Calendar?
A very big calendar
- an up-to-date, comprehensive listing of local arts-related activities up to two years hence

Just how big is big?
At any given time, there are:
- 500 or more activities listed

What sort of arts-related activities are listed?
All sorts
- events – performances, screenings, lectures, shows/sales
- gallery or museum shows/ exhibits
- workshops/courses
- youth programs – classes, performances
- calls for entry – juried shows, competitions, volunteer/job opportunities
- meetings/conferences

Where does the information come from?
- phone calls, faxes, emails, press releases
- mailings from individuals/ organizations
- flyers, brochures, posters
- journals/newsletters
- daily contact with local community
- sidewalk conversations

Who uses it?
- local arts/heritage organizations
- local social service/business organizations/University
- local businesses
- local media
- City of Guelph departments/ facilities (Visitor & Convention Services, Museums, Seniors Centre, Recreation and Parks, Business Development, Public Library, River Run Centre, LACAC)
- local artists
- visitors/potential Guelph residents
- out-of-town organizations
- anyone generally interested in knowing what is going on

What do they use it for?
- clearing dates for event planning to avoid scheduling conflicts
- other publications
- organizational planning
- conference/convention planning
- personal entertainment plans
- publicizing of events/activities

How does one get on the list?
- just call, fax, mail, email or bring in the information to the GAC office

How soon should the information reach the GAC office?
As soon as possible
- first, check the Council’s master calendar BEFORE setting any dates
- secondly, forward at least basic information about dates – no matter how tentative or how far in advance
- then, supply details (time, place, program, fees) as they become available
- finally, provide print materials (flyers, brochures, poster) when ready

Is all information published in Arts in Guelph?
- the calendar is simply too big – Guelph is a very, very busy place

How does the Council decide what to publish?
Very carefully!
- secondly, local activities get priority over regional ones
- for space reasons, entries usually have to be condensed for newsletter publication
- information must be received by the fifth day of month preceding publication

So, don’t delay; call the GAC office TODAY!
147 Wyndham Street North, Suite 404
Guelph ON N1H 4E9
Phone (519) 836-3280
FAX (519) 766-9212