DROG Concert Series at River Run


…a taste of


in Guelph


by Anna Contini

Did you know that Guelph had its own independent record label? DROG (Dave’s Records of Guelph) was co-founded by Dave Teichroeb and Lewis Melville in 1993. Since then they have accumulated over 50 recordings in their catalogue. DROG is built upon the belief that “at the heart of all good music is friendship, community and co-operation.”

Clear evidence of the strength of this recording label is the 1999-2000 DROG Concert Series to be performed in Co-operators Hall at the River Run Centre. Owner Dave Teichroeb has assembled over 30 artists from Ontario’s diverse musical community to perform a unique blend of musical Canadiana around three food-related themes. The DROG series showcases music-making in Guelph and epitomizes the area’s long tradition of great singers and songwriters who often make their best music at the kitchen table with friends.

The first performance of the series Songs about Food takes place Friday, October 29, and will showcase a double CD with 25 new and original songs about the food we eat. All of the artists who made the CD will come together to recreate the CD live along with a DROG house band. Then, on Friday, December 17, A Warm Winter’s Evening will feature traditional, modern and new compositions by musicians of Guelph’s very own record label. James Gordon will be the guest host for the evening. The final show, Dave’s Country Kitchen, takes place Friday, March 24. The evening will present everything from intimate solo performances to singers backed by a full combination of drums, bass, guitars, piano, pots and pans and kitchen cutlery.
Featured performers in the DROG Concert Series include Chris Brown & Kate Fenner, Jeff Bird, The Cardinals, John Charlton & Benji, Vicki Fraser, Adam Faux, Riki Gee, Dennis Gomo, Grievous Angels, Hoofbeats, Lewis Melville, Needy Fingers, the kramdens, Mike O’Connell, Martin Posen, Rheostatics, Mia Sheard, Skydiggers, Aaron Riches, Pat Temple, Robert Atyeo, Dave Teichroeb and Andrew Whiteman.

For tickets/information about the DROG series, contact River Run Centre Box Office
(519) 763-3000.