1999 Guelph arts Council
Youth Awards
Once again, the Guelph Arts Council Youth Awards program has recognized graduating Guelph high-school students who have been selected by their respective schools on the basis of excellence, creativity and talent in either the performing or visual arts. Each student has received a cash award and a hand-lettered certificate designed by Guelph calligrapher Susan Nelson.
The Guelph Arts Council Youth Awards are made possible through a Trust Fund established in 1982. In 1994 this fund was increased by an endowment from R.E. Smith and D.C. Jordan in support of the award for Centennial Collegiate.

Congratulations to the following 1999 award recipients.

Centennial Collegiate
(Visual Arts)

Parrish’s focus on visual arts started at a very young age and has continued to flourish and be recognized throughout his high school years at Centennial. As “artist-in-residence” for his school community, some of his many involvements included designing and painting sets for the school musical “Little Shop of Horrors” as well as designing and painting mural scenes and ceiling tiles for the school corridors. Parrish also created posters and T-shirts for special school events. In his OAC year, he won an award for the Most Outstanding Piece in Show in Centennial’s 1998-99 juried show, and he achieved the top mark in art. He plans to pursue visual arts and film at the University of Western Ontario.

St. James High School
(Visual Arts)

Maria’s talents in the area of visual arts have been well nurtured over the past four years at St. James High School. She expresses her creativity in various ways, whether it is sewing her own clothes, designing and making jewellery or designing the high school prom tickets. She also enjoys painting, and although she is comfortable working in several different media, she prefers acrylics. Over a one-year period between the summer of 1998 and 1999, Maria designed and implemented a colourful, life-sized mural based on an underwater theme. This mural can be seen at Guelph’s Victor Davis Pool. Maria plans to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and work in an area that will utilize her design skills.

John F. Ross Collegiate
(Visual Arts)

During his time as a student at John F. Ross Collegiate, Matthew participated in many school activities and events. As an active member of a team of students, he helped establish the Coffee House, a place for the students to read poetry, sing, and display their art.
He also helped with the design of the publicity posters. In 1999, Matthew served as Assistant Art Editor for the school yearbook where he helped with layout as well as the designing and painting of the cover page. He also created the layout as well as drew and painted the background for a 10 x 2 1/2-metre wall that contained 250 squares painted by the 1999 graduating class. He intends to pursue a career in architecture, once he has graduated from the University of Waterloo.

Our Lady of Lourdes
(Performing Arts)

Throughout high school, Leah has been very active developing her performance skills. She has performed in many Christmas
assemblies as well as Our Lady of Lourdes Night of the Arts and the Sears Drama Festival. One of the Sears Drama Festival plays in which she acted won at the district level and went on to the regionals.
On two separate occasions, the school recognized Leah’s acting talents by awarding her junior and senior Performing Excellence
Awards. Leah has also been active in the school’s Art Council, plays soccer and enjoys horseback riding. Her future plans include attending university where she will study marketing which she hopes will lead to public relations work in the recording industry.


Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute
(Performing Arts)

Michael’s knowledge of and interest in production was
put to extensive use while a student at Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute. From plays to commencements, Christmas assemblies and musical variety nights, he was actively involved in various aspects of production such as set building, lighting and stage managing. Four Sears Drama Festival plays which Michael helped produce won awards for either Outstanding Production or Outstanding Stage Management. In 1998, Michael received the Thespis Award which recognized the critical role he played in production, and in 1999 he won the Proscenium Award for his contribution to theatre while at GCVI. Michael’s plans include obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Arts at Ryerson Polytechnic University.