The weekend after Labour Day in Guelph will once again come alive with the sounds of world-class innovative jazz. Described by the Globe and Mail as “one of the most visionary” musical events in Canada, the Guelph Jazz Festival is in its sixth year of operation. For 1999, over 40 acts will be offered in various settings, including local restaurants and outdoors. A few of the highlights:

THURSDAY, September 9
-Bullring Plaza, UofG, at 12noon – Quebec
  City quintet Interference Sardines
-Macdonald Stewart Art Centre at 5pm –
  Gayle Young/Reinhard Reitzenstein/Jacques Israelivitch/Jesse Stewart
-St. George’s Anglican Church (Mitchell Hall), 99 Woolwich St, at 8pm – Jean Derome, Montreal saxophonist, joined by quintet les dangereux zhoms, FOLLOWED BY Chicago’s Ernest Dawkins and his New Horizons Ensemble

-Bookshelf Cinema, 41 Quebec St, 11:30pm – Mark Dresser (solo bass)

FRIDAY, September 10
-Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, 12noon – Dominic Duval (solo bass)
-Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, 5pm – Misha Mengelberg (solo piano)
-Chalmers United Church, 50 Quebec St, at 8pm – Gerry Hemingway (percussion), David Mott (saxophone), Mark Dresser (bass), FOLLOWED BY Vancouver clarinetist Francois Houle and quintet performing from his “John Carter Project”
-Manhattan’s, 951 Gordon St, 12midnight – Cooper-Moore (solo piano)

SATURDAY, September 11
-MacDonald Stewart Art Centre at 10am – Britain’s Eddie Prévost (solo percussion)
-Jazz Tent, Carden St, 11:30am to 6:30pm – The Woodchoppers Association, GUH, Han Bennink (solo drums), Mambo Nation, l’orchestra des pas perdus
-Bookshelf Cinema, Quebec St, 4pm – Vancouver’s Peggy Lee (cello) and Dylan van der Schyff (drums)
-Dublin St. United Church, 154 Dublin St N, 8pm – Dutch duo Han Bennink/Misha Mengelberg in trio with “hot” jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas FOLLOWED BY New York contrabassist William Parker and his In Order to Survive quartet
-Manhattan’s, 951 Gordon St, at 12midnight – Vijay Iyer
(solo piano)

SUNDAY, September 12
-Macdonald Stewart Art Centre at 10am – William Parker (solo bass) FOLLOWED BY Susie Ibarra (percussion) with Anne Bourne (cello/vocals)

Many of the Festival performers will also participate in the Jazz Festival Colloquium, Collaborative Dissoncance: Jazz, Discrepancy and Cultural Theory. Running September 8 to 10, the colloquium will offer panel discussions, workshops, performances and key note talks by distinguished jazz scholars and critics, mainly at Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, 358 Gordon St.

For more information and tickets/passes for the Guelph Jazz Festival, call (519) 763-4952 or