Jean Murdoch writes, illustrates and self-publishes delightful fairytales for children of all ages. They center around silly
characters, happy times and cherished memories; which is after all what being a kid is all about. The whimsical fairytales
accompany her unique teddy bears, which she designs and makes in hopes that they will be cherished for a lifetime.
Remember, literacy and creativity are the keys to opening the doors to mysterious and enchanting places... Jean is hopeful
that her unique style of writing and whimsical teddy bears will help to develop those hidden talents in everyone touched by
her creations...

Cover - Magic Snowflake

Cover- Tina the Tiny Tooth Fairy

Jester Rod Puppet

The Literary Lizard (aka: The Bear Lady)

35 Fergus Street
Guelph ON


All artwork copyright © by the Artist