photography for tom is a deep passion that is inspired by landscapes, nature, textures, closeups & our everyday living.
accumulated experience in the commercial studio and retail environment has given tom a strong background to convey his visual art
tom invites you to share his images exploring the art of seeing, where the camera and film become his brush and canvas
Phone: (519) 766-9021
Fax: (519) 766-1905
Guelph Farmers' Market - every Saturday
6:30am to 12 noon
Cafe Aquarius - vegetarian, organic cuisine
84 Wyndham St. N., Guelph
7 days a week
Lost Horizon - flower boutique
80 Norfolk Street, Guelph, ON
open Monday to Saturday

memories / lively, on / 1996



- hand assembled, utilizing 80lb recycled cover stock
- card dimensions are 7.25" x 5.25" with a description on the reverse side
- the photographic images are 6" x 4" or 4" x 6" embossed with my seal and initialed,
use over 200 various images
- an aggressive double sided tape holds the print in position permanently

guelph's farmers market


framed and matted fine art photographic images

- image sizes range from 6" x 4" up to 20" x 14"
- cut mattes, overlaid with a textured handmade paper ~ all acid free
- utilize unique frame moulds


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