Residing and working in Guelph, Ontario, Lynda Grinnell is graduate from Sheridan College's Craft and Design Program
majoring in Textiles. Employing methods of screen printing, embroidery and hand painting, Lynda has produced a continuing line of
natural fibre pillows and table linens, as well as works made from reclaimed paper products. Lynda's work has been shown in the
Bata Shoe Museum, The Textile Museum, Wellington County Museum
and the premiere issue of President's Choice Lifestyle magazine.

Automatic Girl

See Air

Blue Bird, Yellow Target

pillow collection
screen printed linen & embroidery. 1997

$1.88 Girl
paper, felt, wax, screenprinting. 1998


Red, Orange Yellow
Pillow Series
screen printed linen. 1998

cell (519) 760-6942
23 Mac Ave, Guelph, ON N1H 1N1




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