Margot Snow, a native of Montreal, has made Guelph her home since 1977. Educated at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the University of Guelph in Fine Arts, Margot has concentrated on watercolour painting since 1979 when she completed her first watercolour course with Jack Reid.

Margot's work has been accepted in juried exhibitions and she has won awards.

Margot is a member of the Guelph Creative Arts Association, the Central Ontario Art Association and is an associate member of The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour.

A retired school teacher, Margot understands the need to continually be exposed to different ideas and has studied with international and local artists. Margot feels it is important to develop your own potential, paint what is important to you and thereby develop your own style. Margot strives to communicate this in her classes.

Margot's love of life and nature are expressed in her paintings. Her floral paintings reflect her love of natural things that are beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Each work is a celebration of the harmony and beauty that triumph in a harsh environment. "I try to capture the intensity of what I see and feel so the viewers of my paintings will experience some of that intensity. I like to discover the beauty of something as common as a cabbage. Colour is the essence of my work - it is what's uppermost in my mind when I choose a subject and is what challenges and interests me most. Colour can change a viewer's mood, it can stimulate a feeling of peacefulness and well-being and it can awaken a soul. I try to find colour and reflections of colour in everything I do. The setting and the mood in my work is established by use of colour. My glazing techniques give my paintings strength and my use of negative painting and tone give my paintings substance.


Botanical Gourds
While visiting the Atlanta Royal Botanical Gardens these gourds were just begging to be painted. Sharp contrast helps these gourds stand out.
21" x 29" (Framed)

Flowers & Lace

Peonies and daisies are just a few of the flowers that adorn my garden every year. The texture of the basket serves to accentuate the softness off the flowers.
21" x 29" (Unframed)

Ostrich Prize
These huge and delicate eggs are dwarfed by its caretakers legs. The mother's protective nature and unequivocal love looms over her brood
21" x 29" (Unframed)


Kloepfer Gallery, 18 Paisley Street, Downtown Guelph


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