Rene was born in the railway town of Nakina in northwestern Ontario. After his mother was hospitalized for tuberculosis.
Rene was raised and is deeply influenced by his grandmother, who lived the traditional Ojibway lifestyle.
He lived with her for several years, speaking the language, hearing the stories and the humour, and learning the songs
of his people. Years later, he earned a graphic design diploma from Sheridan College.

Rene has found great healing in his art and culture, which has helped him to recover from the abuse of residential school.
His art is his calling - it is who he is and it gives his life meaning, renewal, and joy. Rene's dream is to share his
God-given talents so that the world may appreciate his Objiway culture and heritage.

Listener as Patience
14" x 18"
Acrylics on Canvas
From "The Sisters"
8" x 10"
Acrylic on Masonite
The Family as Backbone
5.5" x 7"
Greeting Card
Umbrella Moose as Humour
5.5" x 7"
Greeting Card

Catfish Studio, Guelph, Ontario



All artwork copyright © by the Artist