The earliest recollection of mountains, flower-laden meadows, everchanging blue skies, roaring Mediterranean waves formed
Vlasta's balance of color, rhythm and sense of proportion. She grew up in Zagreb in the nurturing atmosphere created by a truly
renaissance mother of twelve children, of which Vlasta was number nine. Beauty, color and love amid the ruins and hardships of
World War II Europe surrounded her. Even as child she distinguished herself by original designs and drawings.
She became a nurse by profession since making a living as an artist was not an option in war-torn Europe at the time.

In 1968 Vlastas, along with her husband John and two children immigrated to Canada, where again, Vlasta
had to concentrate on earning a living as a nurse, then as a chemical technologist working for the Ministry of Agriculture.
Her love of fine arts led her to experiment with a different media, such as acrylics, oil and watercolor.

Of the three, watercolor provided her with the fluidity and freedom of expression she desired. Vlasta constantly wonders about the
interaction between water, paint, paper and the humanhand. To gain some formal training in techniques,

Vlasta has and continues to take courses and workshops around Guelph and Haliburton areas.
She assimilates these newly acquired methods without sacrificing creativity, balance, and originality with a dash of variation,
gradation and spontaneity.

Vlasta is a member in good standing with the GCAA, COAA and the Home Watson Gallery.





All artwork copyright © by the Artist