I was introduced to your site via the work of MarkPrier, one of the Ephemeral Children.

What a fascinating way to experience art!

Georgia Lee Eshelman, Massillon, OH

Hello there. I just came across your website today.
My name is Marvin Kristoff and I am a t-shirt screen printer, as well as a
firefighter, in Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada. I am looking into the
possibility of having someone create lettering/graphics for our local Fire
I have a design or to in place for our museum, but I am looking for someone
to create some original lettering for us. I am a bit of a font freak, but
nothing in the computer can help create what I have in mind.
Do you do commission work? I would like to get this project off the ground,
yet the stumbling block appears to be the lettering. And the fact that you
are in Canada is a big help to us.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I can be contacted via email at shirts@citytel.net

Hi, Enjoy your web site very much-- well laid out and easy to navigate. As well it's great to see the work of so many talented artists.  However, I tend to be a little biased in favour of the one with whom I share the same last name  i.e. (Sona Joan Mincoff) and note that her last name is misspelled in 2 locations. Maybe a minor detail but worth noting. Notwithstanding-- you have a great web site and my compliments and congratulations for presenting this venue of artists to the world. Thanks.
Don Mincoff

Hi .. i just tripped over your site and have to tell you its very interesting and well presented.. i am an artist in london.. i make jewellery.. is your site just for guelph? my mom is also a painter in georgetown. I will be sure to drop in the gallery the next time i am in guelph..

Thanks.. Lisa Walterson

Thanks so much for telling me about your art-in-guelph page. I checked it
out and it looks great; the images of the artwork are nice and crisp and the
quality of work is fantastic.

Becky Bayer

Hey there!

Thanks for the link from your site to mine. I've gotten several hits from
your link -- very cool!

(Hope my link to your site is doing the same for traffic to your site!
Not that I get thousands of hits, but it all helps, right?)

I still really enjoy your site ... looks great!!

-Cindy Couling www.couling.com
I´m from Germany - and I have a girlfriend, who lives in Guelph, Ontario since more than 17 years. She is working with glass, and I hoped to find her on your site. But she isn´t there. A nice site of Guelph - I´m very happy to find it. I want to put my e-mail address in this book, maybe she´ll read it some day and send me a mail. Liebe Katrin, Maplewood Dr., Guelph, Ontario - my email is pumm.p-d@t-online.de Liebe Grüße an alle in Guelph sendet Petra Pumm, Scharnebeck, Germany
Dear Sirs

Could you forward my appreciation of artist Mehnoush Modonpour work,
especially the way colors are chosen.

Sincerely yours

Bravo, the web site is so easy to get around
with lots of beautiful images to view. 
The photographers are fantastic, esp Dean Palmer. 
Formally a Gulphite, it is very exciting to browse
through the work of some of Guelph's finest artists. 
I'll be back for more, thank-you to all for sharing!

Nicola Henry Nelson, BC

I just visited this site for the first
time and enjoyed the varied artwork. I
especially enjoyed the paintings done by
Connie Melnik. Her paintings "Tread
Lightly" and "Dessert Anyone?" are
truely magnificent. I hope to see more
of her art work at this site in the
Karen Blair


My friend told me about the site and I decided to visit to see what I'd

I must say that I would like to see more work by Vincent Thomas
(Paramoeciums in Space artist).

It was a pleasant browse and I will visit again.

Hope to see more fun stuff soon!:)

Sincerely yours,
Bessie Schenk
Used to be a guelpher myself. Keep up the good work.
Greg Robertson

First time at this site..very nice..

I'm impressed (and for some reason suprised)
It will be worth the drive to Guelph

I have thoroughly enjoyed your website and look forward to
September's contest!

Many thanks,Carole Gagnon


The site is impressive, but has one major flaw. It is *very* slow

Ronnie Schwartz
Metairie, LA
Congratulations on a winning website! Innovative, and so many talented
It's wonderful to view local talent so handily!

Lee Huether

Well, it pays to go roaming in the gloaming amongst artists, who live in
the times of cyberspace as well as the 'beautyful' world; and finding a
favourite person to whom I just mailed by snail mail a copy of a
painting I did of her, Renate Fitzgerald, while we were all still
'hanging out' in Elora at a dear departed artist's studio, back in
those, it seems only yesterday, good ole days. - Irmgard sends her
congrats on your 'site' and Thank you for the 'browse'.

"Irmgard J. Benedict"
I am a first time visitor and am enjoying my visit at your site very much.  
Gladys Paradowski GladysMP@wt.net
Hello, just wanted to offer congratulations on a handsome, well-organized
website. A friend of mine whom I met in Guelph years ago emailed me about
this site. I myself was an exhibiting artist in Guelph for nearly eight
years, and it's wonderful to see old friends and colleagues represented in
such a clean, uncluttered fashion. Whoever's doing the design at Asterisk
is spot-on. Way to go!

Max MacDonald
Aztech New Media
(416) 449-4787, ext. 243
Greetings from Ohio!

Congratulations on a well-rounded and highly diversified site!
Your representation of different artists is a feast for the eyes.

Martha S. Bihari


Your web site is very well layed out & filled with interesting images.

Jody Hendry

Hi Jenn:

Your work looks wonderful.

Barbara Christian

Fantastic Web Site!!
Congratulations to the organization involved.
Really enjoyed the artistic concept of Nick's and Tracy's combination of wood and pottery inlay.
Beautiful work!!
"Images" by Tom Klinger is very impressive.  Excellent presentation.
Hope to visit the Guelph Farmers' Market soon.
Robert & Pamela,
I am an emerging Guelph artist, and plan to sign up for a page on your
web site. I'm impressed by what I see, but I think that some aspects of
the site need work.

First, the graphic page headers (artist's name and photo) take a long
time to download (and I have a Pentium with a 28.8 Kbps modem). I think
you'd do better with HTML title text and a SMALL artist photo.

Second, consider using an HTML editor other than GoLive CyberStudio, or
at least design your pages to work with 640x480 monitor screens. I've
checked your HTML source, and GoLive CyberStudio puts in <DT> tags at
odd places: this results in text lines that wrap properly for 800x600
screen resolution, but not for 640x480 screens -- which is the
resolution at which what most consumers will be viewing the site!

Bob Young
Guelph, Ontario
Thanks for your site, it was a nice way to visit Guelph. We are big fans
of Tracy's.
Johanna Selles
The Nightingale's Nest Tea Room
Branford CT


The answers for the March quiz are as follows:

1. Red Tulips - 'April Window' by Jane Graham

2. Svelte D Cherry - 'Cover' Svelte #5/1995 by Cat Sullivan

Hope that these are the right ones, I can always use another mug for my
morning coffee fix!!

Thank you in advance
BD Griffith
Kelowna, BC

the answer to question 1 is Jane Graham.

Your site is very lovely! It was fun browsing.

Janet Burns

Tallahassee, FL

Subject: Nice Web site

Good day,
I really enjoyed the art on your Web site. This is a great way to get
exposure for local talent. BTW, here are the answers to your March
1. 9 Tulips-artist: Allanah Scott
2. Svelte Don Cherry: Cat Sullivan
John Clark
Chelsea, Maine

I found the 9 Tulips in a picture by Jane Graham called "April Window". I
enjoyed going through the web site and the work of the artists featured there.

Carol Stubbs

nice work Carolyn! Lauren Jackson
We will call you soon regarding lessons.
I love L. Taylors work.
Shin Sasaki
"Your site is lovely! very impressive! I am going to put a link to it from my
own website. I heard about your site from one of the artists on your list - Victoria
Topley. I am a big fan of her artwork, and had to check her new pieces out.

I am a former resident of Owen Sound, who now lives in California. I LOVE
the Guelph area. I always found it so rich in the arts compared to the surrounding
cities. I am glad someone has taken the time to showcase it to the world.

Good luck with it!"

Cindy Couling,
Sunnyvale, CA

"I am very interested in listing my gallery on this web site."

Guelph, Ontario

"Your ad in the Mercury was passed on to me about your Art-in-Guelph Page.
Bravo! It's up and working. It looks like you've put quite a bit of time into
it. It looks really good!!! "

Newmarket, Ontario

"Wonderfull !

It is so good to see a local site devoted to Guelph's hard working Artists.
The layout is great, and the content fantastic.
It is nice to know I can keep track of my favorite Guelph artists via the www.
I run a site called ERIC'S WEB FOR THE ARTS. It is a link and
information site for the ARTS, CULTURE, and HUMANITIES.

I will definatly be adding a link to this site. If you have a logo I can
present with the link, please let me know where to "pick it up".

As my site is completely non-business, and derives no revenue, it would
be wonderful if you could add a link back to mt site. ( I have no money
to purchase advertising.)

Keep up the good work,

Eric Odegard, Webmaster,

"Hello Hello enjoyed the web page."

Peter Smith,
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, UK